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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Sunday, May 26, 2002]


[[Todd, getting dressed after Ki helped with his wounds.]]
Todd: "Velociraptor" did not start out this way, but Nick's discovery and Trudy's marketing wizardry turn it into an entirely different animal. It instead becomes the greatest scientific discovery of the twenty-first century.

Todd: To foster its growth, Trudy must isolate Nick from everyone who may distract or dissuade him...
Ki: I knew it! She's behind the GPF break-up!

[[Dark room, with Trudy dressed in a wool cap with a can of kerosene, as Dwayne misses seeing her as he stands in the doorway.]]
Todd (narrating): Correct. She caused the company to falter, then burned down the building to give the appearance that Duncan needed the insurance money.

[[Chuck, behind the wheel of his car, looking at Ki's father crossing the road.]]
Todd (narrating): She also arranged Nick's job and had Chuck -- under her mind control -- run down your father to draw you here.

Ki (eyes wide): And the Fookinator?
Todd: Sent back in time by the Empress to get Barker out of the way.

[[Both look toward the reader]]
Ki: That raises more questions than it answers...
Todd: I thought you'd be used to that by now...

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