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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[Trudy turns the remote on]]
Trudy: Ah... did you forget I _control_ you? Hurt the ones you love?
Chuck: AAGH!

[[Chuck drops to his knees]]
Trudy: Now, be a good puppet, take that gun, and blow your old pal Fooker away...
Chuck: ngh... no...

[[Trudy points the remote in Chuck's face as he grimaces]]
Trudy: Perhaps you didn't hear me, Chuck. I said, shoot Fooker and kill him _now_.
Chuck: N-never...

[[Trudy throws the remote away]]
Trudy: Fine, you obviously failed your other tasks and are no longer any use to me. I release you. Catch the remote and you're free to be yourself.

{{Chuck is doomed as of this comic}}

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