Author Betty Adams interviewed Jeff for her "Humans are Weird: I Have the Data" podcast! Part One (of Two): (Part Two will premiere later this week!)

General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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Nick: Hey! Be careful with that! Those are highly sensitive instruments!

Nick: We shouldn't be moving the device anyway. Just why ARE we moving it to the statue's torch?
CRUDE trooper: For your safety, sir.

CRUDE trooper: Dr. No--Nadda wanted you and the device secure from the enemy troups, and--
Nick: WHAT enemy? Whoever said we were fighting anyone?

Nick: Dr. Nadda, Not, or whatever the heck her name is, isn't my BOSS, and I'll bet she isn't my CLIENT, either. I'm going back to see what's going on...
CRUDE trooper: B-but...

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