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[Comic for Saturday, February 1, 2003]


Nick: Your dad founded the UGA?!?
Justin: Not founded, but he was involved pretty much near the beginning.

[[Justin is narrating]]
[[Amadeus and a man in the shadows, presumably Fooker and Justin's father]]
Justin: The Pentagon wanted a covert ops group so secret not even its members knew everything. Dad and some guy named "Amadeus" hand-picked each operative. I topped both their lists.

[[Justin in training]]
Justin: Sure, I was young, but they like to train recruits early. Their practice was to kidnap each recruit and subject them to a battery of tests. I trained hard, since Dad tipped me off. My time was soon.

Justin: Little did I know my drunk, stupid brother decided to pay me a surprise visit the night they came to test me...
Fooker: Waitaminnit... I don' live *hic* here...

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