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[[Two shadowy UGA men haul a passed-out Fooker into the van]]
Man outside van: You sure we got the right guy? This one's a lot scruffier looking...
Man inside van: Hey, he saved us some knock-out gas when he passed out on his own.

[[Amadeus looks at an assembly of recruits, while Fooker, a butt in his mouth, sleeps in his seat while others stare.]]
Justin narrating: They carted Jason off to the UGA testing facility. Dad wasn't present, so Amadeus oversaw the inquiry. For some reason he couldn't tell the difference.
Fooker: Z

[[One agent lifts a barbell, another aims a gun, and two others exercise]]
Justin narrating: The tests were grueling, exhausting, and brutal, designed to break the strongest will and the mightiest arm. Only then could true heroes be forged and chosen to be UGA agents.

[[Fooker, his ear protectors blinding him and visual effects showing his inebriation, has hit a bulls-eye with his smoking gun, to the amazement of a UGA instructor]]
Justin narrating: But somehow... _somehow_ my brother, even through his alcohol and tobacco induced haze, excelled at each and every trial, breaking every previous record kept.

[[Nick, Sharon, and Ki are astonished. Justin has his hand on his forehead]]
Nick: You don't mean...
Justin quoting: "If he's this good when he's drunk, imagine what he'll be like when he's sober..."

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