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[[Trudy gets into a taxi outside McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, NV.]]
Trudy narrates: I am Trudy Trueheart. My life as I know it has been destroyed. Now I am a fugitive, accused of a crime I did not commit.

[[Trudy, wearing dark sunglasses, glares in thought in the back of the taxi]]
Trudy narrates: Who am I kidding? Yeah, I did it, and I'd do it all over again. Only the next time, I'd do it RIGHT.

[[An aerial shot of the taxi driving down a freeway]]
Trudy narrates: One wrong choice, one miscalculation, and years of careful work have been lost. Now I'm back to square one, if not set back farther.

[[Nick's face is reflected in the window of the taxi]]
Trudy narrates: Yet that one mistake haunts me, and I cannot get his face out of my mind. His look of disappointment burns within my soul...

[[The taxi pulls up into the driveway of a large, stately mansion]]
Trudy narrates: Now is not the time for this. I have come full circle, and it is time to seek sanctuary from the last hope I have left.

Trudy narrates: I've come home.
Trudy: Um, hi Mom.
Mrs Trueheart: Great. Now my weekend is COMPLETELY ruined.

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