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[[The younger Glowerhausens meet at an anti-war rally]]
Trudy {{describing}}: For all intents and purposes, I was a mistake. My mother, in her youthful ignorance, married my father after meeting him at an anti-war rally. I came soon after.

[[Mrs. Glowerhausen angrily observes Mr. Glowerhausen lounging and young Trudy playing]]
Trudy {{describing}}: My mother inherited a small fortune, and upon readjusting her life, proceeded to grow it. She soon came to regret past choices.

[[Mr. Glowerhausen gives a gift to young Trudy]]
Trudy {{describing}}: Father never outgrew his hippie ways, and took to drifting. I would only see him when he returned to mooch more money.
Mr. Glowerhausen: Moonbeam's first bong!
Young Trudy: ?

[[Young Trudy grabs a record album from two boys]]
Trudy {{describing}}: Out of this, I grew up spoiled yet alone. I had only myself to look toward, and I quickly learned to watch out for "Number One."
Young Trudy: MINE!

[[Trudy leaves home]]
Trudy {{describing}}: I took my allowance and paid for college tuition. I would manipulate others, just as I had been a pawn. I would push myself toward the greatness I deserved.

Trudy {{describing}} Then... There's Reeves.
Reeves: Shall I draw you a bubble bath and join you, Miss Trudy?
Trudy: Get lost, you perv.

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