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[[Trudy and her mother are running through the house.]]
Trudy: I can't believe Dad is an FBI agent... or that he has such a glass jaw...
Trudy's Mom: I've always WANTED to deck him...

[[Trudy and her mother come up to a bookcase. Trudy's mother reaches for a book.]]
Trudy's Mom: This bookcase opens to a secret passage. I had it installed in case one of my "clients" forced me to make a hasty retreat. It has two exits: you go East, I'll go West.

[[Trudy's mother glares at Trudy.]]
Trudy's Mom: Trudy, I never want you to come looking for me again. You are too much of a liability. You've got your own demons to face, so leave me alone to face mine. Good luck.

[[Trudy and her mother run down opposite escape routes.]]
Trudy (Narrates): So here I am, all alone once more. Just goes to prove that some enemies are closer than any friend...

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