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[[Trudy looks out the window of a crowded bus]]
Trudy: I see them every night... both of them, haunting my dreams...

[[Trudy thinks of Nick and Ki]]
Trudy: I see his face... the one as they pulled me away. Once defiant, now betrayed and... disappointed, as if I could not live up to his expectations...

[[Trudy thinks of Future Trudy]]
Trudy: And her... that monster, that shadow of what I was to be... mocking me, berating me... I am both awed and terrified by her, by what I am ultimately capable of...

[[Trudy looks away from the window and cries]]
Trudy: They dominate my thoughts. I am torn by them, my future and my past, unsure of who I am. I am not my own... I am their slave, and I cannot escape them...

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