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[[Fred goes down a corridor, near where Sharon is working]]

[[Fred turns towards Sharon]]
Sharon: Hey, Fred. What are you still doing here this late at night?
Fred: Handling a call from that new customer in Hawaii. This was the only time she had free.

[[Fred perches atop a filing cabinet beside Sharon]]
Fred: Why are you still here?
Sharon: Thought I'd catch a little comp time and take a long weekend.

Sharon: Fortunately, though, I caught this hack attempt. Sure beats server maintenance.
Fred: Hack attempt?

Fred: Not the guys that broke into the mutex?
Sharon: No, this was a lot more sophisticated. They knew about some deep kernel vulnerabilities...

Fred: You do realize that if I had eyes, they would glaze over when you talk tech stuff...
Sharon: Actually, your slime gets a slightly blue sheen to it...

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