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[[Ki is on the phone as Nick enters.]]
Nick: Hey, sweetie. I brought you the --
Ki: M'ma, I can't believe you're doing this to me!

Ki: Look, I'm ecstatic that Papa is nearly fully recovered, but going to Australia over Christmas to celebrate? What about me and Yoshi? You're sending him where? What about family?

Nick: What was that about?
Ki: My parents are going to Australia for Christmas, while sending Yoshi to visit a friend in Canada.

Nick: Over Christmas? Wow...
Ki: Ever since Dad got hit by that car, he's been on this mortality thing. He wants to do everything he's ever wanted to do before he "runs out of time."

Ki: Now it's Christmas, and instead of being with my family, I'm stuck here by myself.
Nick: Well, there's always another option...

Nick: You could come with me and meet my folks...
Ki: You did not just say that. Please tell me you did not just say that.

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