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[[Dwayne is seated at his desk in his office, carefully examining a piece of paper. Next to him, Craig Ridge, a representative of a software vendor, gestures.]]
Craig: So as you can see, you shouldn't have any problems implementing our HR software for your customers, Mr. Duncan...
Dwayne: Hmm...

Dwayne: When Springfield Tire asked us to set up an EmplSoft portal, I have to admit I had never heard of it.
Craig: We're much bigger in Europe than here in the States. We have a lot of work to catch up with PeopleSoft.

[[The two leave Dwayne's office and begin to walk down the hall.]]
Dwayne: Well, from your tech overview, I doubt it should be a problem.
Craig: EmplSoft is all about ease of use.

[[Sharon rounds the corner, carrying a stack of papers. Dwayne gestures toward her.]]
Dwayne: How about I give this to my staff to review? This is our sys admin, Sharon Murphy.

[[Craig and Sharon react in surprise at seeing each other.]]
Craig: Sharon?
Sharon: Craig?

[[Craig and Sharon hug each other.]]
Sharon: *CRAGGY!*
Craig: *SMURFY!*
Dwayne: [Mildly annoyed] Let's keep this professional, now...

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