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[[Dwayne, Trent, Fred, and Nick are in a meeting]]
Dwayne: Okay, upon reviewing the Burlington Carpet acount, it seems we still have some outstanding issues around user support. Fred?
Fred: Sigh...

Fred: It seems SOMEONE informed our account rep that we would guarantee 24
7 support, but we don't have the manpower to implement that.
Trent: WHAT? I thought you things didn't need sleep.
Fred: All living "things" need sleep, or at least periods of rest, including _slime molds_.

Trent: Isn't there another slime mold? We can have IT man the phone.
Fred: Persephone isn't employed by us and we don't have the budget to hire someone else.

[[Trent and Fred lean forward and look angry as Nick looks nervous]]
Trent: Then just give it stale doughnuts or something. It's not like we really have to pay it money.
Fred: She and I both deserve the same respect due to all sentient beings!

Trent: You got a problem, Mr. Silly Putty? Don't get all stretched out of shape!
Fred: Bring it on, Cyrano No-Braniac!
Nick: Mommy...

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