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[[Nick and Ki have finished dinner at a nice restaurant. Nick gets the bill]]
Ki: Ooh... I'm stuffed. But that was a great dinner. Thanks, sweetie.
Nick: I always cook best with plastic utensils.

[[Nick looks at the bill]]
Nick: Huh... is that the right date? For some reason, I've been thinking it was earlier than that...
Ki: Well, we've been deep in coding on that one project. I guess it's easy to forget what day it is.

Nick: Well, it's just that next week is my birthday. I haven't even paid attention to the calendar...
Ki: Your birthday? Is it really?

Nick: Yeah, and this year just happens to be my thirtieth. I don't want to make a big deal about it. I just want to treat it like just another day...

[[Nick pays for dinner]]
Ki: (thinking) Heh... but when you find out what I've got in store for you, you'll definitely be in for a surprise. I've got the best party ever planned, and you're gonna love it!

Nick: What are you up to over there?
Ki: Who, me? What makes you think I'm up to something?
Nick: The maniacal giggle is a dead giveaway...

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