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[[An Indian doctor stands looking in an observation window]]
Akhilesh: My name is Akhilesh Sehgal. I do not suspect you have heard of me. Few outside this hospital know who I am.

[[A view of the doctor's desk]]
Akhilesh: I came to America to study medicine, but when I became a Christian, my family disowned me. So I have remained here, and have become a resident doctor in this city.

[[Akhilesh walking down a corridor]]
Akhilesh: I have an apartment, such as it is, but I rarely return to it. Most nights, I stay here, in the hospital. It is more home to me than that place.

[[View of Akhilesh and two nurses smiling]]
Akhilesh: The nurses joke that my Indian work ethic keeps me here, but I doubt I work any harder than anyone else. I am just more... comfortable here.

[[Akhilesh looking in window again]]
Akhilesh: I am alone. An outcast. Yet I am driven to aid those in peril, who cling to life by the thinnest of threads, many of whom will never remember my name.

[[View of a patient in the room with the window]]
Akhilesh: Somehow... I suspect you are an outcast as well. I suppose that is how our paths met. Outcasts tend to band together.

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