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[[Akhilesh stands inside the door of the patient's room]]
Akhilesh: The police still have not identified you yet. They have your DNA, but it does not match any reported missing person.

[[Akhilesh with his eyes closed]]
Akhilesh: Since you have no identity, the hospital refused to pay for your treatment, so I am paying it myself. I saved some for my sister's operation, but once she passed away... well, I am not using it.

[[Akhilesh kneels by the patient's bed and holds her hand]]
Akhilesh: You have held on so long, I assume you have *some* reason to fight for life. I want you to know, no matter what it is, I will fight with you, you are not alone.

[[Patient is visible in background, her features fuzzy. In the foreground, a pair of glasses with distinctive trapezoidal rims sits on a table, one lens shattered]]
Akhilesh: With God on our side, we are never alone.

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