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[[Nick and Ki are packing]]
Ki: Are you sure you want to do this?
Nick: Absolutely.

Ki: I mean, my parents are very different from yours. Mom shouldn't give you any problems, but my dad...
Nick: No, I'm sure. I want to meet your parents.
Ki: You say that now...

Nick: They invited me, didn't they? So I'm not concerned.
Ki: Mom invited you. Dad probably doesn't know you are coming.

Nick: Ki, you are the most important and most wonderful thing to ever happen to me, and your parents are a part of who you are. I want them to be as special to me as they are to you.

Ki: Nick, are you okay? You seem.... I don't know. You're acting stranger than normal. Are you up to something?
Nick: Who, me?

[[Nick places a shirt and a pair of pants on top of the ring case]]
Nick: What ever gave you that idea....?

{{Nick is preparing to propose to Ki}}

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