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[[Dwayne, Nicole, Sydney, Fooker, Sharon, Dexter, Nick, and Ki are leaving the Bowl-A-Rama bowling alley.]]

Dwayne: That was a lot of fun, gang! Dex, this was a great idea. We needed a good team outing to relax.

Dwayne: And Fooker, I hear your contract is almost up. We'll need you back soon...
Nicole: Dexter, can you hold Sydney while I fix her car seat?
Dexter: Sure.

[[Dexter holds Sydney.]]
Sydney: Mr. Dexter, how come you ain't got nobody with you?
Dexter: What do you mean, Sydney?

Sydney: Well, Mr. Nick an' Miss Ki are gettin' married, an' Miss Sharon really likes Fooker. Even Mommy an' Daddy got each other. Ain't you got anybody, Mr. Dexter?

Dexter: Um... Well, I'm still looking for the right Mrs. Dexter. I'm sure she'll show up someday. Until she does, I'll keep looking for her.

[[Sydney hugs Dexter, Dexter smiles awkwardly, Sharon looks sadly at Dexter.]]
Sydney: _I'll_ be there for you! You're squishy like a big ol' teddy bear!
Dexter: Your dad may want you to graduate preschool first...

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