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[Comic for Sunday, September 18, 2005]


Nick: Dropped by the post office. Looks like we've got another present from one of your relatives.
Ki: From Uncle Sakio out in California!

Nick: I didn't know you had this many relatives...
Ki: Well, they're scattered all over the globe. I doubt you'll ever meet all of them.

Nick: I can't believe we've gotten this many gifts already...
Ki: Well, the wedding is only a couple months away! Most of these are from people that won't be able to make it.

Ki: Oh boy. Another can opener.
Nick: At least this one isn't white. I'll put it with the other six.

Ki: You'd think that after this many years of both of us living on our own, they'd realize we already have two can openers between us...
Nick: I suppose it could be worse...

Nick: It could be the little pig in a straw hat, sundress, and sunglasses...
Ki: You don't know my Aunt Wei. "Tacky" is her middle name.

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