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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[At the church rehearsal for Nick and Ki's wedding, Trish has been caught trying to access Nick's home network, specifically the MUTEX. Trish is restrained by Fooker as Nick and Ki question her.]]
Nick: All right, Trish! I know you've been lying to us! That whole "schizophrenia" bit was just a ruse. Why were you trying to access the MUTEX? Where did you learn about it?

Trish: [Struggling against Fooker's grip] You fools! You have no idea what power you possess! Once my master obtains your secret, nothing can stop him from--

[[Trish disappears in a flash of light as the others look on, shocked.]]

Fooker: [Hands still where they were holding Trish's arms] Oookay... who here saw THAT coming?

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