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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Sunday, December 25, 2005]


[[Nick has the Mutex helmet on, Ki has a remote in her hand.]]
Nick: Are you sure about this? The mutex isn't so much of a virtual reality machine anymore. The evidence points to it being an interdimensional transport now.

[[Ki is stroking Nick's chin.]]
Ki: Relax! I did a little configuring, and I've got us a little pocket universe all to ourselves. It's virtually the same thing.
Nick: How did you learn to --
Ki: I read your documentation.
Nick: Oh.

[[Nick is spreading his hands while Ki reaches for an obvious button.]]
Nick: Well, we should really get someone to monitor it from this side, like Fred usually does. We should--

[[Nick vanishes in a flash of light.]]

[[Ki presses a button.]]

[[Ki vanishes in a flash of light.]]

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