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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Monday, February 13, 2006]


[[Nega Nick eyes a map while Nega Dwayne and F**k*r talk in the background]]
Narrator {{Nega Trudy}}: Even with his newfound wealth and power, the new emperor struggled to maintain control over his growing domain. Too many resistance cells sprang up to oppose him.

[[Two Nega Grays are featured, one holding a strange device.]]
Narrator: To his surprise, Barker offered a novel solution. He had been abducted a few years earlier by peaceful alien explorers. He had soundly defeated them, but kept in contact with them, just in case he needed their unique talents.

[[Nega Nick speaks with the Nega Skaboola]]
Narrator: The aliens were at war with their mortal enemies, another race from a nearby solar system. Nick quickly formed an alliance with the "Greys." If they would help him conquer the Earth, he would help defeat their enemies.

[[Nega Ki overseess some captive Greys]]
Narrator: The Greys, however, did not count on Nick's duplicity. Before they knew it, they were virtual slaves, their own technology used against them. Nick now had full control over Earth, but a new threat came from the stars.

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