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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Monday, March 6, 2006]


[[Ki, Fooker, Trent, and Pi talking]]
Pi: Huh. I'll give you this much, Terrel: it is the spitting image of reject XB3-239...
Fooker: That's... what our aliens called me...

[[Alt. Trudy, Pi, and Planck talking]]
Alt. Trudy: But you still don't believe these people are from another universe, Pi?
Pi: Please. I'd sooner believe he was a clone, even given your primitive medical technology.

[[Pi talking]]
Pi: It's a scientifically proven fact that alternate realities cannot exist. Time and space cannot exceed the four perceivable dimensions. To believe in in alternate realities requires... I don't know...

[[Planck and Pi talking]]
Planck: The limitless energy of the unfettered human imagination?
Pi: I was going to say a really gullible idiot, but that works.

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