General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Trudy 2 has become the exact mirror image of Trudy. Trudy is shocked.]]
Trudy: You... cut your hair... to the same length as mine... and your clothes are the same.
Trudy 2: It's intentional.

Trudy 2: We might as well take advantage of our "double" appearance to confuse the enemy. If they can't be sure where
am, it will keep them guessing which team is real or diversionary.

Ki: [[skeptically]] Then how about not confusing US? How are WE going to tell you two apart?
Trudy 2: First, we'll be on separate teams. That will confuse the enemy as to which team is Alpha or Beta.

[[Trudy 2 holds up a pin the size of a quarter.]]
Trudy 2: Second, your Trudy will wear this small pin. It's small enough that most people who aren't looking for it will overlook it. I won't wear one, so telling us apart will be simple.

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