General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Nick and "Alternate Universe" Ki are standing looking at eachother.]]
Nick: I don't think anyone deserves death. I think punishments should fit the crime, but even a mass murderer should have a chance to seek redemption.

[[Close up on Nick's eyes]]
Nick: As for your emperor, I'm sure some of his prisoners are foul unpardonable souls, but I would not wish his form of "justice" on anyone. He kills to terrorize others beside the victim, making that death senseless.

[[Close up on "Alternate Universe" Ki's eyes]]
Nick: Where I come from, that's the sigh of a madman. My world's had more than it's own share of those, and it's far from comforting to see in him what I were capable of if I had made his choices.

[[Nick has a stern look as "Alternate Universe" Ki looks to the ground with no emotion]]
Nick: As to why... because I belive that everyone needs a chance to prove themselves. If my sacrifice, be it my trime, resources, or my life spares one life to make it's mark, than my life has been worthwhile.

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