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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Palace Security Center. Sharon 2's face has appeared on a communication screen.]]
Sharon 2: Trudy and her rebels will c-create a d-diversion, while the d-doubles will try to f-free their Nick.
General: You've done the right thing, Murphy.

General: I will make sure you are rewarded. In fact, I'll make sure to reward you PERSONALLY.
Sharon 2: Oh, th-thank you, General!

[[Sharon 2 deactivates her communicator.]]
Sharon 2: [[exhultantly]] F-Finally! I can g-get out of this stinkin' d-dungeon and move up in the r-ranks!

[[Sharon 2's glasses are knocked off her face as Planck jumps on her from behind, grabbing her hair.]]

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