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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The grey 'c' helps Pi out of the rubble of the explosion]]

c: 3141592? Are you still functional?

Pi: Y-yes, 2997925. Where's Planck, er, 6626068?

[[Planck appears with mop attached to his head]]

Planck: I'm here, Pi! 'c' here dug me out of the rubble just before you. You won't believe the damage...

Pi: What in the gnarf is on you head?

[[Planck struggles to remove mop]]

Planck: Murphy's mop. She must have been cleaning up something sticky, 'cause now it's stuck to my head.

Pi: Where _is_ that traitor?

[[Scene pans out to show a hand sticking out from the rubble covered with what is presumably blood]]

c: I wouldn't worry about her. After seeing what's left, I'd say she got what she deserved...

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