General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[A muscled Nega-Chuck walks in with two stormtroopers behind him. He looks evilly happy]]
Voice Off-screen (Nega-Nick): Well, perhaps he isn't all

[[Viewed from the side, Nega-Nick stares up to Nega-Chuck, matching his evil happiness. In the background, Posi-Nick is looking sadly betrayed]]
Nega-Nick: Report, Walker.
Nega-Chuck: The second raiding party has been neutralized. The trusting fools never know what hit them.

[[In the back of the panel, Posi-Ki and Posi-Trudy are looking at Nega-Nick in shock. Nega-Nick is looking back at them gleefully in extreme close-up]]
Ki: But... all that talk of General Barker betraying you...
Evil Nick: Chuck is quite the thespian. Those gullible, bleeding-heart rebels will believe any sob story.

[[Nega-Chuck gestures back at the door-opening, where two more stormtroopers carry in a defeated Nega-Trudy]]
Chuck Walker: I should also mention I brought you a gift, my Lord...

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