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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Sunday, June 18, 2006]


Pi: What do you mean, my memory engrams have been altered?
C: Look, 'Pi,' I know this human language is crude, but it's not that imprecise.

C: See for yourself. You have a classic memory disruption pattern indicative of--
Pi: I know what it's indicative of! But that's not possible. We've done periodic sweeps of the rebel base. We would have known if they had infiltrated the rebels!

C: Hmph. Maybe you did find them, if you catch my drift.
Pi: What about Planck? Was he affected?
C: Yes. His scan is in the previous file.

Pi: This is disastrous! If they have infiltrated the rebels, then they could be influencing the. Gnarf, Terrell's whole plan could be a trap perpetrated from within! And with the passage to the sewers blocked, we have no way of confirming it.

C: So? Why should we care? This is an internal human affair.
Pi: It became our business the day the Skaboola made his pact with the emperor.

Pi: Our enemies may never have even learned of this planet if it weren't for our interference. We're responsible if they conquer the Earth.
Plank: Whoa. That's one bummer of a guilt trip, Pi.

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