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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Wednesday, June 21, 2006]


Faraday: The others are coming, and Planck fixed the hydraulics so we can fee the others.
Pi: Good work, Faraday. Gather everyone over here ASAP.

Pi: What happened to you?
Planck: Hydraulic fluid. i keep scrubbing but it won't come off.

Pi: Fellow drones! Listen! By now you'ver probably heard the theory i've told 'C,' The skaboola, for whatever reason, no longer controls us and, by association, neither does The Emperor!

Pi: It's time we did what was right! It was us who helped the Emperor enslave the earthlings, and us who led our enemeies here. So let's fight back and free not only ourselves, but the humans as well!

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