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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The Gamester's room]]
Mischief: It's WHO?
The Gamester: An old "acquaintance" I thought was long forgotten. I should have KNOWN...

The Gamester: I believe we've found our culprit behind Trudy's cyclical paradox. It's just his style, as is nudging Emperor Nick to discover his "good" twin.
Mischief (curious): But WHO--

The Gamester: This is beyond your abilities, Mischief. I need you to handle those other paradoxes alone, while I tackle this. I know this is more than I've ever asked you to handle, but I think you're ready. First, however, I need you to bring me Todd.

Todd: Did I hear my name?
The Gamester: Good. I have a job for you.
Todd: Just call me Deus ex Machina.

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