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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The Emperor's throne room. Close up, a hand picks up the pin that fell from Trudy's clothing when she was thrown against the wall.]]

[[One of the Trudys is now wearing the pin again. She is looking sternly at Ki, who looks over her shoulder as she calls to Dexter. They both appear to be kneeling or crouching next to the unconscious Trudy.]]
The Trudy who is wearing the pin: Hurry, Ki! You don't have much time! Take Trudy and go. I'm staying and that's final.
Ki: All right! Okay! Dex! A little help here!

[[In the background, Dexter cradles the unconscious Trudy in his arms. Ki and the other Trudy continue their conversation.]]
Ki: Just... Take care of yourself. If you really want this second chance, don't squander it.
The Trudy who is wearing the pin: I won't. And don't let _her_ squander the new life she's been given.

[[As she leaves, Ki looks back over her shoulder at the Trudy who is wearing the pin.]]
The Trudy who is wearing the pin: Goodbye, Ki. Make sure you and Nick live happily ever after.
Ki: I can't guarantee that, but we'll certainly try.

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