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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The celestial nursery. Todd frowns at Mischief, who appears worried as she looks in the direction of the gem where she put the ball of light that is the remains of the Gamester.]]
Todd: Hold on now. You're going to destroy an entire universe -- and countless lives -- to save the Gamester?
Mischief: A _protoverse_. It might _not_ contain life.

[[Todd continues to frown at Mischief, raising the index finger of his right hand as if scolding her. Mischief turns to face him and appears angry, possibly shaking her left fist at him.]]
Todd: But that implies it _might_ contain life!
Mischief: Todd, please! Do you _want_ to just stand here and let him cease to exist?

[[Todd continues to frown, waving his arms. Mischief's face is turned away, toward him. She appears to be shrugging.]]
Todd: Of course not! But destroying entire galaxies to save one life...
Mischief: There's a high probability this protoverse hasn't even had a big bang yet, let alone develop sentient life.

[[Todd and Mischief both look at the gem that contains the remains of the Gamester. Todd's expression is neutral, Mischief looks sad again.]]
Mischief: Besides... It's the only "safe" source of extra-dimensional energy powerful enough to regenerate him... I hope.

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