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[[Harmony, Donald, and Harry run toward the school from Dexter's house]]
Harmony: I can't believe Dexter gave us the password like that!
Harry: I can't believe he fell for it. That was my database homework.

[[The three reach the main entrance and keep running]]
Harry: The point is, if we could so easily bribe him, so could someone else...
Donald: SYSAPE!
Harry: Maybe, maybe not.

[[They finally reach the door guarded by Kerberos]]
Harry: But someone is bound to make another attempt to get the Bones, and they're bound to be you know who's puppet. The only way to find out is through this door.

[[Harry opens the door and is faced with Kerberos]]
Harry: Kerberos! Play harp.mp3!
Kerberos: (in computer voice) AFFIRMATIVE; ENTERING SLEEP MODE.

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