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[[Fooker, Dwayne, Ki, and Nick are seated at a conference room table]]
Dwayne: Ok, I'll put this bluntly. Goodman Rubber was one of our first customers, back when GPF first started. Mr. Jones was a good friend of my father's.

Dwayne: That said, we're in danger of losing their account. A bigger vendor is offering more options at a lower price. Jones is happy with our inventory system, but they're quickly outgrowing it.

Dwayne: I've talked them into giving us a couple of months to upgrade that system and integrate it into a new invoicing and accounting platform. Complete it on time, and they can cut costs enough to pay our premium.

[[Dwayne and Fooker look at Nick]]
Dwayne: Nick, I want you to lead this effort.
Fooker: No pressure.

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