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[[Dexter points to Patty as she drinks]]
Dexter: You should join us, Patty. You don't have holiday plans, right?
Patty: Unfortunately, no. But nerding out in some online game isn't my cup of tea.

[[Tim turns to Patty]]
Tim: If you're not doing anything anyway, why not give it a try? You might find you'll like it. I've got a free guest account you can demo with.
Patty: So the first hit is free, huh?

[[Dexter is in thought as Tim and Patty talk]]
Tim: I know of a few good "newbie" quests that will give you a flavor for the game. I bet once you try one, you won't be so skeptical.
Patty: The prepubescent momma's boys are enough to scare me away, thanks.

[[Dexter gets a crafty look on his face]]
Dexter: For that matter, I've got an idea that will make this even more adventuresome for all of us...
Patty: Ok, now that is scarier than any pre-teen basement-dwelling dork...

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