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[[Dexter turns away from Tim and Patty]]
Dexter: Look, I'm sorry, OK? It was an accident! I didn't know this would happen!

[[Close-up of Dexter]]
Dexter: Look, we've got two problems. Someone is messing with "Bog of Bloodbath". We haven't seen another real player since we got here, monsters keep appearing where they shouldn't... someone's hacking the game, and we're stuck dealing with it.

[[Tim and Patty look at each other in concern]]
Dexter: (off-panel) We might as well try to solve that mystery because we're not getting out until someone outside notices we're gone. That shouldn't take long; Nick and Ki are bound to be home by now...

[[Ki puts down her purse and Nick takes off his jacket as they both just walk into their apartment]]
Nick: Honey, was I running an experiment on the MUTEX?
Ki: You usually are...

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