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Doctor Nefarious: Bah! I can't take being cooped up in this underground gulag! It's driving me bonkers!
Doctor Not: It's not really driving if you never take it out of park.

Nefarious: Oh, Hardy har har.
Not: Besides, Nathaniel, this is hardly a "gulag". The U.G.A. treats us extremely well.

Nefarious: _You_ seem to have adjusted well to domestication, Alexis, but not _me_. No prison can hold Dr. Nefarious for long! Already I am planning my next great escape plan!
Not: Jenkins?

Jenkins: In your past 2085 days of incarceration, you have made 1563 separate escape attempts, all of them unsuccessful ...
Nefarious: {{interrupts}} Quit your sniggering, And!

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