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Patty: Dexter has the delicacy of a jackhammer and the subtlety of a chainsaw. I've heard the story about when he asked you out. To date, I haven't seen anything different.

Ki: On the contrary, I've heard about a little conversation you two had at our wedding. I may not be privy to the details, but I understand he helped you through a difficult moment. His enthusiasm may blind him at times, but Dex has a heart of gold.

Ki: As for you, you're not exactly "Miss Congeniality" either. You drive everyone away with your cynicism and sarcasm. You don't have any real friends here because no one wants to get rained on by your cloud of gloom.

Ki: On second thought, I wouldn't want Dex to go out with you. He deserves happiness. He deserves better. You can have your little private demons, Patty, all to yourself.

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