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[Patty is driving and angry]
Patty (thinking): Why am I letting this affect me so much? What is it about Dexter that makes me so conflicted? Do I like him or not?

Patty (thinking): Could it be that I'm taking my own self loathing about how I treated Mark so long ago, and redirecting it against Dexter because he's the first man I've thought about getting close to in ages? That isn't fair... to either of us.

Patty (thinking): Maybe I've become so comfortable with my own censoriousness that I deny myself happiness, Dexter's not all that bad... and He's kind of cute in a roly-poly sort of way..
[Patty is smiling]

Patty (thinking): Ow! Why is my mouth hurting? It's like I just used muscles I haven't used in years...

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