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[[Dwayne and Sydney appear to be playing tennis on Wii Sports. Dwayne is breaking a sweat, while Sydney swings her controller with a casual, almost bored expression.]]
Dwayne: So how was school today?
Sydney: Oh, OK, I guess...
<<pock>> <<pock>> <<pock>>

[[We see the two a bit closer up. Dwayne is sweating profusely.]]
Sydney: I like it and all, but I guess I'm getting a little bored. Miss Reynolds says I should be put in an advanced class. And Geoff Lilly has been really been pestering me lately. He just won't leave me alone.
<<pock>> <<pock>>

[[Sydney looks up at her father]]
Sydney: Daddy... what should I say if a boy asks me out?
[[Dwayne is suddenly startled, stumbling and nearly throwing the Wii remote across the room.]]
<<pock>> <<Blue team wins!>>

[[Sydney beams in triumph as Dwayne points a finger of accusation at her.]]
Sydney: I win! I get to stay up late!
Dwayne: No fair! You can't pull that move until you hit puberty!

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