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Trudy, Nick, and Ki: You're what?
Dwayne: You heard me. I'm sending Nick and Trudy on a trip upstate. Should take about a week total.

Dwayne: Last year we did that inventory system for the distribution arm of Lakatos Pharmaceuticals. Well, word got to their upper management and they're impressed. They've invited Trudy and me up for a week of meetings as well as a big awards dinner.

Dwayne: Now I can't go; I'm meeting with Robey's Jungleworks that week. So they insisted I send our chief architect, Nick, instead. It's a big opportunity and could mean a lot more work going forward.

Dwayne: I can't send Ki with her deadline looming. So seeing as there's some... history among you three, I wanted to get things out before you go. The last thing I want is some world domination plot or parallel universe shenanigans interfering with our bottom line.

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