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[[Nick and Trudy are hiding from the armed guards in the makeshift warehouse.]]
Trudy: Sharon and I were researching companies with an unusually high concentration of female upper management, like Diederich Pharmaceuticals. I just remembered that Lakatos was on that list.

Trudy: Another link: "Diederich" typically means "Ruler of the people," but can also mean "Skeleton Key." "Locksmith," "Skeleton key..." That's too many coincidences. Mother HAS to be involved here.

Nick: [musing] "Beware the Colonel and the Key Master."
Trudy: What was that?
Nick: Moldfinger's final message to Fooker. Seemed apropos.

Trudy: [grimacing] That conniving old shark. Connery always DID have his finger on the pulse of the underworld. Of COURSE he'd know about --
Nick: [interrupting, quite suspicious] How did YOU know Moldfinger was Sean Connery?

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