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[[Lieutenant Stone has just heard Trudy saying that she can't remember anything, and is a bit upset. He's arguing with Doctor Granger, while Trudy watches and listens.]]
Lieutenant Stone: Can't remember? Of all the hare-brained --
Doctor Granger: Post-traumatic retrograde amnesia. Not uncommon in cases such as this.

Lieutenant: And just how long will this convenient amnesia last?
Doctor: It's usually temporary. Spontaneous recovery may take hours, days, or even months. Some memory loss may become permanent.

Lieutenant: [walking out of Trudy's room] Have it your way, Doc. But the longer it takes me to solve this mystery, the more likely a possible killer may strike. Call me when she's ready.

Trudy: [weakly] I... don't think I like him.
Doctor: [glaring after the Lieutenant] I'll give him credit for his persistence, but otherwise I agree with your assessment.

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