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[[Trudy is in a wheelchair, being pushed by Doctor Melanie Granger. They've arrived at Nick's bedside. Nick is unconscious, on oxygen, and has an I.V. in his arm.]]
Doctor: I'm afraid Mr. Wellington's concussion is his worst injury. If he remains unconscious for much longer, I'll be forced to declare him as comatose.

Doctor: His neck and eye were injured from impact with the air bag and steering wheel, and he fractured one arm and one leg. His... shoulder...

Trudy: [Hoarsely and weakly] Why did you pause? What happened?
Doctor: I'm ... not sure if I should tell you. It might prompt your memories to resurface, or it may create false assumptions and color your recollection.

Doctor: He... was shot with a high-power rifle, as were you, in the arm. Does that bring back anything...?
Trudy: [after a pause] No...

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