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[[The shadowed silhouette has entered Nick's room, pushing a cart ahead of him.]]
Figure: Good morning, Mister Wellington. I am pleased to report you will be leaving this hospital momentarily... from a certain point of view.

[[We see a close-up of the cart, which holds a hospital food tray, a fork, and napkins. The figure unrolls a napkin on the cart, revealing a syringe.]]
Figure: I'm afraid that in your current state you can no longer join us. Miss Niemand will suffice, and I will attend to her shortly. But you are sadly beyond even our reach.

[[The syringe's needle is inserted into a vial.]]
Figure: It is fascinating how delicate your species is. You have developed such marvelous medicines to cure so many diseases, but if the dosage is not quite right, they can prove fatal. How "unfortunate" such a "mistake" had to occur.

Figure: [moving toward Nick with the filled syringe in his hands] I assure you it will be painless. Think of it as an act of mercy. You have been spared the apocalypse to come. You will rest peacefully while this world falls before us. No need to thank me. Your silence is its own reward.

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