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[[Emperor Nicholas (aka "Nega-Nick"), Agent #18, and Doctor Granger - or, more correctly, the entities that have taken over their bodies - are coming to their conclusion about how to repair the damage their plan suffered when Nega-Nick killed Lieutenant Stone.]]
Granger: Then it is agreed. We will take that Wellington with us for vivisection. You will take it's place and return with Niemand to their place of employment. You can use its injuries and amnesia as a cover. We will update the Colonel of this development.
Agent #18: What of Stone?

Agent 18: Its subordinates were unaware of its assimilation. Its death will raise suspicion.
Granger: This facility has a crematorium. Transport the body there and dispose of it. We will tell the others it left the premises to coordinate with its superiors.

[[A low humming sound begins to fill the room as they continue their discussion.]]
Granger: I will use this creature's authority to have Wellington transported outside where we can take possession. We will make an excuse citing inadequate facilities at this location.

[[Nega-Nick turns to locate the source of the humming sound, and sees Nick's body glowing and disappearing from his bed as the humming continues.]]
Nega-Nick: [angrily, as Nick's body disappears] It appears we have another complication...

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