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[[GPF Software, Tim's office. Scott, Tim, and Sharon sit in a small semicircle, continuing their conversation.]]
Sharon: You don't REALLY think a Brotherhood civil war will destroy the world, do you?
Scott: Not what is physical and outside cyberspace, perhaps, but do not forget who and what we are.

Scott: We are the self proclaimed digerati, the hacker elite. We may not wield the power we once held before the schism, but together both factions have tendrils in many if not almost of the world's digital infrastructure. Governments, banks, utilities, militaries...

Scott: Imagine how dependent we've become on technology and the internet. If we pulled the plug today, governments and economies would fall. Then imagine what we as hackers could do, pooling all these resources into attacks against each other. It could mean a global digital collapse.

Scott: We hold reign on such colossal power and revere you as a goddess, yet you mock us to our faces.
Sharon: OK, humble pie served. Check, please.

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