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[[Mr. Inertia remains in a meditation pose. A flap opens in the middle of his back and a small hand holding remote control extends from the opening.]]
Alien 1 {{from inside Inertia}}: Did you remember to place the cameras in the temporal stasis loop?
Alien 2 {{from inside Inertia}}: Oh, right.
[[There is a click sound and a surveillance camera in the foreground is surrounded by a strange glowing orb.]]

Alien 1: [[Opens seam of Inertia from inside]] By Zolon, I swear you'd forget your own cranial orb if it wasn't attached to your forelimb sockets.
Alien 2: Sorry, 3141592.

Alien 1: I don't care what 18883531 said. This mech is anything but 'spacious and comfortable'.
Alien 2: Look on the bright side! The Skaboola said we'd only be assigned here for half a giga-Ganadian!

Alien 1: That was 21 giga-Ganadians ago, 6626068. Do you remember how many Earth *decades* that is?
Alien 2: I was never any good at that conversion...

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