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[[As Patty opens the door to the Fifth Quarter Arcade, suspicions replaces happiness for Sharon. Fooker, though, seems to have figured what what's going on.]]
Sharon: You... have a key?
Patty: It's... not open to the public yet. But they let us have a sneak peek.

Sharon: [looking around, confused] All I see are old arcade games. I don't see any museum displays.
[[Fooker places Patty in a playful headlock.]]
Fooker: That's because Patty is a terrible liar, or at least Scott didn't bribe her enough.

Fooker: [loudly, to the entire arcade] That IS what's going on, right? That's the Brotherhood's M.O. Get us alone, away from GPF, in a run-down, high-tech locale... an abandoned arcade is a nice touch.

Fooker: So why DID you want us here, Scott? Ten bucks says it's some sorta "The One" wackiness.
[[Scott and Tim appear from where they've been hiding behind some old game consoles.]]
Scott: With you I shall never place wagers. I know when I cannot win.

References: The "Brotherhood's M.O." for using abandoned high-tech locales
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